Boomerang returns to Kickstarter

February 13, 2020 - 6:46pm

In 2018 Grail Games had a successful Kickstarter for the Scott Almes designed game, Boomerang, which is an Australian-themed roll-and-write game featuring a card draft.  Now Grail Games has rebranded the game as Boomerang: Australia and the revised edition, along with its new artwork, is back on Kickstarter.

Boomerang: Australia is not the only game that is featured in this Kickstarter.  Grail Games is also introducing two new games in the Boomerang line, Boomerang: USA and Boomerang: Europe.  Both new games are like the original Boomerang but feature modified rules and scoring options.

The Kickstarter campaign includes several reward options.  Backers can get any of the games by themselves, or in combination at a slight discount.

You can see Tom Vasal’s review of the original Boomerang game here.