To Boldly Go Where No Fantasy Realms Has Gone Before

September 16, 2021 - 9:03am

The Kennerspiel-nominated Fantasy Realms is getting a reimplementation with a Star Trek theme. Star Trek Missions is designed by Bruce Glassco, designer of Fantasy Realms, and being published by WizKids. Just like in Fantasy Realms, on a player's turn they draw a card and discard a card. Each card has scoring conditions and characteristics that players are attempting to combo together to achieve the highest score. You can draw a card from the Galaxy Deck, the Mission Deck, or the discard area. The Galaxy Deck is comprised of people, places, and things. These cards have characteristics and scoring conditions. The Mission Deck is comprised of events, and they have scoring conditions but not characteristics. The scoring conditions for both types of cards are geared around having other specific cards or having cards with certain characteristics. 

WizKids has revealed some of the cards with preliminary art, and so far the cards are focused on Star Trek: The Next Generation. So, if you like the idea of a succinct, combo-building, set collection game and prefer a scifi IP instead of generic fantasy, watch for Star Trek Missions, scheduled to beam down in February 2022!