Board game development studio Evergreen Studio launched

February 2, 2020 - 1:27am

Long time designer partners Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu (Sagrada, Sinister Six) have joined forces with Eli Gingerich formerly of Maple Games, and new designer Adam Singer to form Evergreen Studio, a new game design and consultation group. The focus of Evergreen will be the creation of amazing games, prioritizing quality over profits. The studio will also occasionally acquire games designed by external inventors. In addition, Evergreen will offer consulting services, including “agent services, commission design, rulebook editorial, art direction management, project management services, development and/or Kickstarter consulting.”

The core foundations of the studio will be 1) Eco and environmental friendliness, 2) Inclusivity for all gamers, and 3) The production of aesthetically and mechanically beautiful games. To this end, Evergreen will begin by supporting their local board game community in Waterloo, Canada with Evergreen Events, a division dedicated to local events and game design.

For more information on Evergreen Studio, check out their official webpage here, as well as their presence on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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