Board Game Atlas Adding Critic Scores

April 22, 2021 - 10:12am

On May 15th, 2021,  Board Game Atlas will be expanding its website to include a new aggregated “critic” score that will be added to the review system currently in use.   Right now, the review system includes “user” scores only.  The addition of critic scores from hand-selected critics will contribute to a separate score so the website users can see not only the community reaction but  an overall critical consensus for a game as well. Games will be rated on the same 100 point scale that is currently used.

Board Game Atlas is well-known for its emphasis on the user experience.  It is “a home for board game enthusiasts who love the experience of talking about their favorite hobby and having convenient access to the complete buying experience.”  With the addition of the critic scores to its website, Board Game Atlas is striving to “bring together the critical consensus of a title in an easily digestible way” according to Chief Marketing Officer Phil Ryuh.  The new “critic” scores are available for preview right now.

If you are curious about Board Game Atlas, which features boardgaming articles, games that are on Kickstarter, games on sale, and more, be sure and check out the website here.