Board & Dice brings Nightmare Cathedral to Gamefound

April 4, 2022 - 1:38pm

Nightmare Cathedral is a horror-themed area control game based on the work of late Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński. Publisher Board & Dice currently is running a Gamefound campaign for Nightmare Cathedral that lasts until April 13th. In the game, one to four players are competing to control a nightmare dreamscape in pursuit of victory points. Players will amass followers, establish fortification, and maneuver around the game board, engaging in combat with their oppoenents to vie for control of the areas of the board. While all this is occurring, players will collectively be building the thirteen-piece cathedral in the center of the board. Once the cathedral is finished, two nightmares from a pool of eight will manifest and begin devouring followers. Players can take dominion over these nightmares to direct their actions. 

There is an action track (Day) with five different spaces, representing the five actions players may choose from on their turn. Each player has five action cards that match the action spaces. Players can upgrade their action cards during the game to improve the action associated with that action space. After choosing an action space, players will slide their pawn into a designated spot (Night) adjacent to the action track. A player's choice of action space is limited in that they cannot choose an action space adjacent to their position in the Night area. Once the active player resolves their action, all opponents will get a follow action determined by their associated action card for the action space chosen by the active player.

Players will be managing a hand of Development and Dream cards. Development cards are multi-use, one of which is to play to resolve combats. During setup, the board is populated with neutral Shadow units, and combat with Shadow units is resolved against an AI deck. Dream cards provide objectives to score victory points. Victory points can also be obtained by sacrificing followers through the ritual action, which allows you to climb the ritual track.

The game ends when players have completed four rounds (each player has 4 turns each round) or when the manifested nightmares have devoured a set number of followers. In addition to the victory point scoring previously mentioned, players will score for their fortifications and how many of their followers have been devoured by the manifested nightmares. 

Nightmare Cathedral features minis that bring the artwork of Zdzisław Beksiński into three dimensions. Art for the game was also contributed by Franek Wolski. The game is designed by Błażej Kubacki, who also designed MistfallNightmare Cathedral is projected to be delivered to backers in May 2023.

Check out the Gamefound campaign for more details!