Bezier to release deluxe edition of Schrödinger themed Cat in the Box

July 13, 2022 - 9:14am

Bezier Games is bringing the Schrödinger-themed card game Cat in the Box to the west. Originally released in 2020 in Japan from publisher , Muneyuki Yokouchi’s trick-taker questions the very nature of the cards themselves. For the most part, Cat in the Box is a standard trick taking game with 4 suits, one trump suit, and must-follow suit rules. However, from there, things are decidedly … odd.

Players are dealt a hand of all-black cards: no suits, no colors, just numbers. Whenever a card is played, a player marker is placed on the tracking board, defining that card’s color, and more importantly marking the unique card as played. For example, if you were to play a 9, you could declare it a green 9, and the 9 green is then marked as off-limits for the rest of the hand. In essence, the deck is created as the cards are played. At any time, the player can decide to play off-suit, but must mark on their own board the fact that they no longer hold any of the currently led color. If someone cannot play any cards in hand because they already exist in the world, a paradox is created, and the trick is immediately ended. And there’s one more twist to this surprisingly easy to learn card game - At the end of the hand, players score points for the largest connected group of markers they have on the tracking board.

Bezier Games is taking pre-orders for Cat in the Box now, and the title is scheduled to release in August. For more details, check out the Bezier website here.

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