Bezier Games announces CABO Deluxe Edition

January 23, 2020 - 2:23pm

CABO Second Edition is a quick playing, point shedding card game where the object of the game is to have the fewest number of points.  To set up you shuffle the deck of cards and deal four face down to everyone, then everyone gets to peek at two of their cards.  From there play is simple, you draw a card and then decide if you want to swap with your face down cards, discard it, or use it's power if it has one.  If you think you have the fewest points on your cards (or in a special rule the most), you can call CABO, and everyone will reveal their cards after one more turn.  If you have the least points then you win the round and everyone writes down their points, if you are wrong then a penalty is added to your score.  After a set number of rounds, or until someone gets to a set point count, the game ends, and the person with the least amount of points is the winner!

CABO Second Edition updated the art and with the included score pad and reference cards made playing the game easy.  But Bezier Games thinks things can be improved upon, and so CABO Deluxe Edition was announced, upgrading the box to a two piece box, adding a second deck, and up sizing the score pad.  This will help make the game play faster because you can be playing with one deck, while shuffling the second deck to get it ready for the next round.  Plus having a score pad bigger than a playing card just makes things easier to handle.  Look for the upgraded edition of this fun card game to hit store shelves in February of this year.

Fluffy Shiba Inu

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