Bezier announces new SIlver game, Silver Dagger

September 19, 2020 - 8:32pm

“The local villages are infested with werewolves! As mayor of one of these villages, reduce your village’s werewolf population using abilities of your residents, including the Silver Dagger of Direction. The mayor with the fewest werewolves in their village at the end of the game wins!”

Bezier Games and designer Ted Alspach have announced Silver Dagger, the fourth game in the Silver line of card games, following Silver, Silver Bullet, and Silver Coin. In Silver Dagger 2-4 players try to shed their hand of cards as fast as possible, and therefore get the lowest score. The games involve playing cards faceup and facedown, and switching cards between various players’ tableaus, or villages. Silver Dagger adds some new chaotic cards to the mix, including a reverser for play order. New Zombie cards always are passed to the previous player, and cannot be easily gotten rid of, making Reversers more powerful. The Halfling can cut your points in half, and the Debt Collector can give you negative points for cards still held by your opponents. All in all, 14 new roles and abilities are included in the 52 card deck. Silver dagger also comes with a dagger token, reference cards, markers and scorepad.

Like all of the Silver games, Silver Dagger is a standalone game, but can be mixed with the others in the line for unique, crazy fun. Silver Dagger will be available in October 2020, and the Silver app is available now on most smartphone platforms. For more details, check out Bezier’s webpage here.

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