Beam me up, CGE!

May 27, 2022 - 10:49am

Czech Games Edition (CGE) has announced Starship Captains, a game that puts two to four players in the captain's chair of a starship exploring the galaxy. Through a combination of action selection and engine building, players will manage their diverse crew, each with different characteristics, to complete interplanetary missions and gain reputation with three different factions. As you earn medals, you can promote and train your crew. You also can acquire technology to upgrade your ship. 

Starship Captains embarks from the brain of first-time designer Peter B. Hoffgaard, a co-creator of boardgame media site Tabletop Together. The game will feature dual-layer player boards, miniatures for the crew, and references to its inspirations from Star Trek and other sci fi properties. The art in Starship Captains is by Mergen ErdenebayarJiří MikovecRadim PechJakub Politzer, and František Sedláček. It is scheduled for a retail release at Essen 2022.