Baron Voodoo Coming From Lucky Duck Games

August 18, 2020 - 12:09pm

Do you have friends on the other side???  Lucky Duck Games, publisher of Chronicles of Crime and Vikings Gone Wild, has announced that they will be releasing worldwide Baron Voodoo, a abstract family style game, in October 2020.  The game was was originally released in French by board game publisher Yoka by Tsume.

In Baron Voodoo, players take on the role of a Loa, a voodoo god, who is competing for a chance to become the new god of death by capturing the most souls - represented by 48 'Soul Dice.'  The Soul Dice are arranged randomly each game on a 7x7 grid, creating a unique experience each time.  Players will then move, stack and capture Soul Dice, placing them onto their Spirit World board and working to collect different sets of colors and icons in order to score the most points.  When capturing Soul Dice, players may also activate the special power of the dice's face up icon which can greatly impact the game through effects like scoring bonus points, improving a collected set, stealing dice from opponents, or gaining protection.  Each Loa character also comes with their own unique special abilities, adding further strategy as to how best to utilize these abilities.

The game also comes with a fixed board setup for more balanced gameplay, a Chaos Mode that increases player interactions and special power triggering and a 2v2 game mode.

Baron Voodoo is for 2-4 players ages 10 and over, with gameplay lasting about 45 minutes. 

I like to make everyone's life more surreal. . .