Backerkit has us to Return to the Dark Tower on its new crowd-funding platform

August 2, 2022 - 11:28am

Restoration Games is known for re-working beloved board games from the 70’s and 80’s into something that modern players seem to love. In 2020, Restoration Game launched a Kickstarter campaign for Return to Dark Tower, a reimagining of the 80’s classic board game Dark Tower co-designed by Gloomhaven designer Isaac Childres and Pandemic Legacy designer Rob Daviau.

In a major win for the new crowd funding platform, Restoration Games have brought the 2nd printing of the previous Return to Dark Tower campaign and its new expansion, Covenant to Backerkit. If you missed the first campaign, or weren’t able to pick up all the extras, the 2nd print run of the game offers everything in the previous campaign. The Covenant expansion will add new heroes, new treasures, new types of corruption, new Monuments, and a new type of Doom Skull that can never be cleansed off of buildings. The project will complete on August 16th, at 11:59pm PDT.

Backerkit has already amassed an impressive collection of board game publishers that have signed on to have Backerkit host their next crowd funding campaigns. This includes Cephalofair (Gloomhaven), Unstable Games (Here to Slay), Restoration Games (Return to Dark Tower), Maestro Media (The Binding of Isaac), Leder Games (Root), Thundergryph Games (Tang Garden), Greater Than Games (Spirit Island), and many, many more.

Backerkit’s crowd funding platform is currently in Beta stages and is expected to launch its full site sometime in 2023.

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