Azul 4.0: Hexagons in the Queen's Garden

April 1, 2022 - 12:23pm

Azul Queen's Garden Header

Next Move Games is publishing the fourth entry in the Azul series, Azul: Queen's Garden. Like previous entries in the series, this is a tile placement game for two to four players. This time each player is constructing a garden for the queen.

The tiles in Queen's Garden are hexagons that come in six different colors and six different designs. The different designs correspond to values from one to six. These values are the points and cost of the tiles. When players draft tiles in Queen's Garden, they go to an individual storage board. When a player drafts tiles, they can acquire all tiles of one pattern or of one color, but they cannot acquire multiple copies of identical tiles. Subsequently, players can use their turn to place tiles from their storage board onto their garden board. When you place a tile onto your garden board, you must discard a number of tiles from your storage area equal to one less than the value of the tile you are placing in your garden. The tiles you discard must be the same design in different colors or the same color with different designs.  Cardboad garden expansions (each expansion has five to seven spaces to place hexagon tiles) are also part of the draft and must be placed onto a player's garden board to create more spaces for them to place acrylic hexagon tiles. The garden expansions have different features that impact placement and scoring. There are four scoring phases during the game, and then final scoring. 

Azul: Queen's Garden is designed by Michael Kiesling with art by Chris Quilliams. It is available for pre-order through the Asmodee website