Atlas Games delivers dwarven drunken dice drafting design with Dice Miner on KS

May 27, 2020 - 9:22pm

“If you believe that games should have dwarves, dwarves should roll dice, and more people should holler ‘Cheers!’ and share beer, then Dice Miner is for you.”

Atlas Games along with designers Joshua DeBonis and Nikola Risteski (the team behind Isle of Monsters) have begun a Kickstarter Campaign for Dice Miner, a push your luck, dice drafting game. In Dice Miners, 1-4 players take turns drafting dice from a slanted mountain of dice. The mountain is a slanted pyramid of 20 stacked dice, either held in a cardboard support or, in the case of the deluxe edition, a plastic model. Players draft one die from the top, i.e. with no other dice above, keeping the same face on the die. If players already have a die with a beer face showing, they may give it to another player, then draft two dice from the mountain. Additionally, dice taken after a beer party can come from the top or side of the mountain, allowing dice above to collapse downwards. After all of the dice are removed from the mountain, players score their dice.

Dice come in 5 different colors/types. Hazard dice generally give negative points, owing to dragon attacks and cave ins. Tool dice can negate these hazards, even turning their points positive, and can additionally allow players to save dice from round to round. Tunnel dice score if they form runs, starting from 1 and going up sequentially. Treasure dice add 1, 2, or 3 points for the gems on their faces, and the player with the most gems earns double points each round. Magic dice allow players to reroll unused dice. Additionally, each player starts with a hero card with permanent dice effects.

After scoring, players reroll all of their dice, then set up the mountain for another round of drafting. After three rounds, the player with the highest score is declared the victor. The Kickstarter for Dice Miners continues through June 23, and the game is expected to deliver in January 2021. The game comes with 60 custom 6-sided dice, 6 punchboard heroes, dice bag, mountain and scoring pad. The deluxe version of the game comes with a PVC mountain, multicolor, translucent and metallic dice, an embossed dice cup, and an embroidered dice bag. For more details, check out the Dice Miner page at Atlas Games.

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