Astro Knights takes a revamped Aeon's End SPACE

February 11, 2022 - 10:45am

On Kickstarter now from Indie Boards & Cards is Astro Knights, a cooperative deckbuilding game built on the foundation of Aeon's End. In Astro Knights, one to four players take on the role of Astro Knights, defending a planet from the cosmic threat of a boss bent on destruction. The base game comes with six different Knights, four different bosses, and four different homeworlds to protect.

One of the core conceits that sets Aeon's End apart from most other deckbuilders is that when you deplete your draw pile, you flip over your discard pile without shuffling it. This creates a decision space in what order you discard cards. Also, player and boss turns are not in a set order, but instead are determined by a turn order deck. Astro Knights retains these wrinkles while modifying other systems of Aeon's End to create a more streamlined experience. Setup and teardown is shorter, because each boss in Astro Knights has their own deck. The market of cards to purchase for your deck is comprised of six different piles: one Tech pile, two Fuel piles, and three Weapons piles. The Fuel and Weapons piles are subdivided based on cost, so you will always have access to higher and lower tiers of cards within those categories. When you acquire a Tech card, you can add it to your discard pile or you can trigger it immediately and place the card on the bottom of the Tech supply pile. Additionally, the homeworld you are defending has its own ability, which you can power up and fire off. You will need every resource at your disposal to fight off the boss, who will get stronger each time they cycle through their deck. 

Astro Knights is designed by Nick Little (I) and Will Sobel, with art by Gong Studios. Check out the Kickstarter campaign, which runs through February 25, 2022 at 11am EST.