Asmodee USA and Funforge Announce Distribution Deal

December 16, 2019 - 10:53am

Funforge, a Paris-based board game publisher known for several popular titles like Tokaidoand Asmodee USA Distribution, a member of the Asmodee Group, a board game publishing/distribution conglomerate known for a whole lot of stuff, have announced a new distribution deal where Asmodee USA will distribute Funforge's English language titles to retailers in the USA. The distribution deal includes the aforementioned Tokaido and its expansions, as well as the upcoming spiritual sequel, Namiji and other future releases.

“Funforge’s library exemplifies Asmodee’s mission to offer great games and amazing stories to our customers,” said Andre Kieren, Head of Distribution for Asmodee USA. “The universe of Tokaido, the Professor Evil series, and future releases are welcome additions to our offerings.”

Distribution of Funforge's games by Asmodee USA will officially begin in early Q1 of 2020.  However, retailers may contact their sales representatives today to start placing orders or to request further information.

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