Asmodee Seeks New Partners in Digital/Interactive Space for Catalog

March 3, 2020 - 4:01pm

Boardgame behemoth Asmodee has announced via a press release that it is opening up access to its entire 250+ game intellectual property catalog to more partners in the interactive games market.  Asmodee is interested in partnerships not only for its household games, such as Ticket to Ride or Small World, but also its living card game properties like KeyForge and Legend of the Five Rings and heavy games such as Twilight Imperium.

Asmodee is offering developers and publishers the opportunity to develop interactive titles under license from Asmodee Entertainment, but is also willing to offer deeper partnerships including development and marketing support via Asmodee Digital.

"Asmodee has established a world-leading platform for developing and publishing authentic and compelling digital versions of the best board and card games," said Nicolas Godement, Asmodee Digital's COO. "Now, we we can't wait to disclose some of the exciting titles we have been working on, and to sign new ones, we also look forward to working with the experienced licensing team at Asmodee Entertainment to further expand the range of interactive games based on our sterling array of Asmodee properties."

While Asmodee's announcement appears primarily focused on making more digital adaptations of its board game titles available (such as mobile app versions), the announcement also raises the possibility of digital content that is based on the IP of some of these titles that are set in the same universe, such as video games or other media.  Nevertheless, it will be exciting to watch for what new partnerships and offerings will arise from this announcement in the months to come!

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