Asmodee Offers Free “Print & Play” Downloadable Board Games For Families To Enjoy While Staying at Home

April 12, 2020 - 8:38pm

Asmodee has released a set of free downloadable board games as part of its new “Print & Play” initiative.  The free board games allow gamers to continue experiencing new games with remaining at home and safe indoors.

In these difficult times due to the Covid-19 worldwide crisis, we at Asmodee are happy to offer families a way to play together from the comfort and safety of their home.  We hope that these free ‘Print & Play’ games can offer some measure of relief, adventure and fun for everyone while staying safe at home. -- Stephane Carville, CEO of Asmodee.

The downloadable board games are modeled after popular Asmodee board games but have been modified to make them printable friendly for play at home.  All the free content will be available in multiple languages.  Asmodee launched the initiative with six print and play games: Dobble / Spot It!, Dixit, Timeline: Classic, Unlock!, Cortex Challenge / Braintopia, and Combo Color.  More content will continue to be added in the coming weeks.

For more information of the “Print & Play” initiative, and to download the six different board games and more, click here.

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