Asmodee forms Welcome by Asmodee

November 18, 2022 - 9:22pm

In business news, Asmodee corporate headquarters in Paris has announced Welcome by Asmodee. Welcome is a new entity within the board game conglomerate made to help publishers, new and established, providing resources for distribution, translation, and production. Publishers can even pitch new game ideas to Welcome, for one-stop assistance throughout the process.

Welcome comes on the heels of two other big events for Asmodee - First, Asmodee was purchased in late 2021 by The Embracer Group, a Swedish multimedia company with rights to many movie and video game IPs, including but not limited to Dark Horse Comics, Gearbox Software, and Middle Earth Enterprises recently acquired in 2022. And Second, Asmodee formed a division in June called Office Dog, solely responsible for matching up the numerous IPs owned by the company with game designers. Together, Asmodee is positioning themselves to be a single source powerhouse in board game creation from start to finish.

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