Asmodee Distributing Plague Inc: The Board Game

April 29, 2021 - 12:04pm

Plague Inc Header

Asmodee has signed an official exclusive agreement to distribute English language copies of both Plague Inc: The Board Game and its expansion, Plague Inc: Armageddon, originally published by Ndemic Creations.

The board game version of the popular digital game, Plague Inc: The Board Game and the expansion were designed by James Vaughan with artwork supplied by Collette Tarbuck.  The game base game plays 1-4 players, but the expansion plays up to 5.  The game is designed for ages 14 and up and takes about an hour to play.

In Plague Inc: The Board Game players represent plagues that are trying to spread infection throughout the world.  Plague Inc: Armageddon adds new ways to disseminate worldwide diseases by introducing fungal and bioweapon diseases.  The players ultimately want to be the last pathogen standing.

According to Andre Kieren, head of Asmodee US Distribution, Plague Inc: The Board Game is one of the best digital to tabletop adaptations around and we’re truly excited to offer it to our retailers and their communities.  We believe that together we can introduce digital and tabletop gamers – casual and experienced – to a new version of the game that will inspire some truly amazing stories and good times.”

Both Plague Inc: The Board Game and Plague Inc: Armageddon will be available at your friendly local game store in May 2021.