Asmodee Digital + Wizama = New Games for SquareOne

February 6, 2021 - 5:35am


For those who do not know, SquareOne® is a new gaming system that is bringing board games into a portable console.  Wizama, the brains behind SquareOne®, successfully Kickstarted this new console and has now inked a deal with Asmodee Digital to bring 3 of Asmodee’s most successful games into SquareOne®.  These games include Ticket to Ride, Terraforming Mars, and A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition.  The games will support multiplayer compatibility so players can enjoy competitive matches with friends and family.

This deal is mutually beneficial to both companies, whose CEOs were thrilled: “This deal allows us to introduce three of our iconic brands to new audiences. Our strategy leverages our board game DNA to deliver engaging experiences to new players, on all digital platforms. From mobile to consoles and PC, we ensure the core gameplay remains consistent for a truly premium experience while taking advantage of each platform’s strengths. Each of our three games that will be available on SquareOne® rewards strategic thinking while their complementary complexity levels appeal to a wide audience, from new players to veterans,” Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital stated.

Wizama has made news recently by announcing partnership with both Ravensburger and Petersen Games so more is on the horizon for the company.  Wizama’s SquareOne® is currently available with two free Asmodee games on Indiegogo until February 28th.