Arcane Wonders is bringing new art to a thirteen card deduction game

January 1, 2021 - 2:02pm

Sherlock 13 is a deduction micro-game, originally published in 2013 as Holmes 13. The thirteen in the title refers to the game being centered around thirteen character cards. Players are attempting to unmask the famous thief Arsene Lupin, who has disguised himself as one of the thirteen characters. In setup for the game, one of the thirteen cards is set aside hidden. This is the moniker undertaken by Arsene Lupin for the game. The remaining cards are shuffled amongst the two to four players. Each card depicts a person with two to three characteristics each. Players are attempting to identify the character card that was set aside during setup. To gain information, on their turn each player will either (1) ask all players to indicate whether they have any cards with a specific characteristic (without revealing how many), or (2) ask a specific player for the exact number of cards they have with a specific characteristic. The answers provided are public. Alternatively, on their turn a player may accuse a specific character card as being the set aside card, representing Arsene Lupin in disguise. The player aids in the game list the specific characteristics for each character card in the game, as well as the cumulative number of each characteristic amongst the thirteen cards. 

Arcane Wonders is bringing Vincent Dutrait's art to the game, which is designed by Hope S. Hwang. Sherlock 13 is scheduled for a retail release in January 2021.