Ant-Man is joining Marvel Champions

September 7, 2020 - 10:50am

Ant-Man cards

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has announced the Ant-Man Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Like other hero packs, Ant-Man comes with a 40 card pre-built deck that is ready to play right out of the package. The Ant-Man Hero Pack is designed by the same trio behind the Marvel Champions base game: Michael BoggsNate French, and Caleb Grace.

The distinctive feature for Ant-Man is his ability to change size from tiny to giant. This is implemented by being the first champion with two different hero forms. Ant-Man's hero form card folds out into a double-sized card for his giant form. Ant-Man's deck includes resource and upgrade cards with different effects, depending on which hero form you are in. Ant-Man utilizes the Leadershp aspect, and brings along multiple allies that can be bolstered by a reinforced suit. 

The Ant-Man Hero Pack is scheduled to arrive in October 2020. Along with the hero pack, FFG announced a 24" x 12" Ant-Man play mat.