Anniversary Edition Reprint for The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game Announced

July 14, 2020 - 10:46am

Lord of the Rings Anniversary

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that it will be issuing a reprint of the Reiner Kinizia classic game The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game in a new anniversary edition in honor of the game's 20th anniversary of publication.

The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game Anniversary Edition will still feature the stunning artwork of John Howe, along with upgraded components.  The original punchboard Hobbit pieces are replaced with detailed-sculpted miniatures and the Sauron punchboard piece is replaced a black rider miniature.  Finally, a highly detailed sculpt of the One Ring is included, which is designed to fit over the Hobbit miniatures should a player risk using the ring.

The game still features the cooperative gameplay of the original, with 2-5 players taking on the roles of one of the Hobbit members of the Fellowship (including everyone's favorite little hero, Fatty) and working together to advance on tracks recreating some of the most memorable moments from the books (such as the Battle of Helm's Deep and the ascent up Mount Doom), all while avoiding Sauron's grasp and being corrupted by the influence of the Ring.

More information about this upcoming release can be found here.

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