"All your base are belong to us" in Star Realm: Rise of Empire

July 21, 2022 - 5:47pm

Wise Wizard Games has launched their latest Kickstarter project for Rise of Empire, a stand-alone expansion for the immensely popular game Star Realms. Star Realms: Rise of Empire is designed by original game designers Robert Dougherty and Darwin Kastle.

Star Realms, originally published in 2014, is a deck-building, deep-space combat game where players use their currency to purchase new cards to add to their deck, while using combat points to chip away at the health of their opponent. Star Realms quickly gained recognition as a quick-to-play deck builder and has remained very popular.

Star Realms: Rise of Empire has two different pledge levels. The Legacy Tier starts off as a 2-player, 12 scenario legacy-style campaign, complete with stickers to upgrade your cards. Once you have finished the campaign, you can use the included extra starting decks to turn it into a customized 6-player set that is fully compatible with previous sets.

Or if adding stickers to your cards is not your cup of tea, you can get the Infinite Replay Tier. This tier has all the items in the Legacy Tier, but also includes a deck of 180 cards that has every possible sticker combination on pre-printed cards to allow you to swap for the appropriate upgrade card. This will allow you to reset and re-play the campaign as often as you like.

You can get the Legacy Tier pledge for $59 plus shipping, while the Infinite Replay Tier will run you $79 plus shipping. The Kickstarter Campaign for Star Realms: Rise of Empire continues through August 11, and the game has an estimated delivery date of July 2023.

Where to start? Where to start? Hmm... I like to play games? Yeah, that's brilliant. <delete><delete><delete> I'll try again later.