AEG releases Smash Up 10th Anniversary Set

November 18, 2022 - 9:03pm

Good news, Smash Up fans - the Smash Up 10th Anniversary set is now a reality. The cult favorite Smash Up, by designer Paul Petersen, was originally released by publisher AEG in 2012, a game about mixing two faction decks together to create a hybrid army. Players then use this army to attack and dominate varied base cards for points. The original set came with 8 different factions including Pirates, Zombies, and Dinosaurs. However, over the years, more than 20 expansions and promos, including nearly 100 factions have been released, as well as a Big Geeky Box to hold them all. Then a Bigger Geekier Box to hold even more.

The 10th Anniversary Set comes with 4 new factions - Sheep, Mermaids, Skeletons, and World Champs, as well as 11 Titan cards, 9 new bases and more. The Smash Up 10th Anniversary Set is available now.

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