AEG announces Mariposas by Elizabeth Hargrave

January 13, 2020 - 12:32am

“Every spring, millions of monarch butterflies leave Mexico to spread out across eastern North America. Every fall, millions fly back to Mexico. However, no single butterfly ever makes the round trip.”

Elizabeth Hargrave proved herself a designer to watch when her first game, Wingspan, broke records and won the Spiel des Jahres Kennerspiel award last year. Her second game, Tussie-Mussie, although inherently different in every way (the game only contains 18 cards), is still award winning, highly regarded, and continues to make waves. And now, Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has announced the next game from this extraordinary new designer, Mariposas.

In Mariposas, players strive to create the most successful family of monarch butterflies as they complete their wondrous migration from Mexico to the eastern United States. Play spreads over three seasons – the butterflies head north in spring, spread out in summer, and return south in the fall. Mariposas is a “game of movement and set collection”, and each season ends in a scoring round. After the fall, the most victory points takes the win. Look for Mariposas to arrive on July 31, 2020, as part of AEG’s 2020 Big Game Night promotion. For more information, check out the Mariposas page on AEG’s website.

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