AEG announces expansion to Cat Lady, Box of Treats

March 17, 2020 - 8:48pm

Every Good Kitty Likes A Treat

Cat Lady (2017) by Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) and designer Josh Wood is a popular set collection card game for those who follow a certain feline fancy. 2-4 Players select cards from a 3x3 grid, taking all 3 cards in a row or column. Cards can be cats, which must be fed, food cards which generate said resources, toys that generate points for unique sets, catnip, action cards and many others. Stray cats can be taken for bonus points by collecting multiple lost cat ads. Players continue to collect cards and generate points until the deck runs out, then collect their points. Unfed cats lose the player points, but so does the hoarding of unused food.

AEG has now announced Box of Treats, a new expansion to this delightful game, compatible with both the standard and premium editions. Box of Treats adds new toys, new objectives and of course, boxes. Figure out which cat wants to sit in each box. And of course, more cats – more special stray cats, new gray cats, and more cats to feed. Box of Treats additionally expands the player count to 6, so now you'll have to outmaneuver more players to be crowned “best cat lady in town”. Look for Cat Lady: Box of Treats in stores this coming June. For more details, check out AEG’s web page here.

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