Aconyte announces Twilight Imperium novel The Fractured Void

April 21, 2020 - 8:19pm

“A brave starship crew is drawn into the schemes of interplanetary powers competing for galactic domination in this epic space opera from the best-selling strategic boardgame, Twilight Imperium.”

Aconyte, the fiction literature side of Asmodee, has announced a new book set in the Twilight Imperium Universe, our favorite day-long 4X game. The Fractured Void, by award winning author Tim Pratt, visits the interstellar conflict between alien races in their ultimate goal to take over Mecatol Rex! The cover copy of the new book reads as follows:

“Captain Felix Duval and the crew of the Temerarious quietly patrol a remote Mentak Coalition colony system where nothing ever happens. But when they answer a distress call from a moon under attack, that peaceful existence is torn apart. They rescue a scientist, Thales, who’s developing revolutionary technology to create new wormholes. He just needs a few things to make it fully operational… and now, ordered to aid the scientist, the Temerarious is targeted by two rival black-ops teams intent on reacquiring Thales. Can Felix trust Thales? Or is this a conspiracy to tip the balance of power in the galaxy forever?”

The Fractured Void is scheduled to be released in November 2020. For an interesting Question and Answer with the author, check out Aconyte’s press release here.

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