7 Wonders for the Whole Family

September 17, 2021 - 1:51pm

7 Wonders Architects logo

7 Wonders: Architects is a new standalone, streamlined reimplementation of 7 Wonders announced by Asmodee and Repos Production. It is designed to be more family friendly than its predecessor, while scaling for two to seven players.

Each player is given an unconstructed Wonder with 5 stages and a deck of cards they place faceup to their left. Players compete to score the most points and the game ends once a player completes construction of their Wonder. In addition to the faceup decks between each player, there is also a facedown deck in the middle of the table. On your turn, you take one card and resolve it. You can take the top card from the faceup deck on your left, the faceup deck on your right, or the facedown deck in the center. The card types are familiar to games in the 7 Wonders family:

  • Grey cards provide resources used to construct a stage of your Wonder,
  • Yellow cards provide coins which count as a wild resource for constructing a stage of your Wonder,
  • Blue cards provide victory points,
  • Green cards provide set collection science symbols that can be turned in to claim progress tokens that provide ongoing benefits or endgame scoring bonuses, and
  • Red cards provide military strength that is compared to each of your neighbors when a battle is triggered. If you have more military strength than your neighbor, you receive a token worth a victory point at the end of the game.

Some new wrinkles in 7 Wonders: Architechts include:

  • Some blue cards feature a cat icon. When a player claims a blue card with the cat icon, they take the cat pawn. The player who holds the cat pawn may secretly peek at the top card of the facedown central deck before choosing which card they take on their turn.
  • Some red cards have a horn icon. Battles will trigger when a specified number of horn icons have been on claimed red cards, scaled for the number of players. Red cards with horn icons are discarded after the battle with each neighbor, but red cards without horn icons will remain.
  • After taking their card for the turn, if a player has enough resources to construct an available stage of their Wonder, they must do so, discarding the resources used and receiving a benefit specified by the Wonder. The five stages of the Wonder must be constructed from bottom to top. Some designs will allow for some choice in the order of some of the stages.

7 Wonders: Architects is designed by Antoine Bauza, with art by Etienne Hebinger. It is scheduled for a retail release this fall.