4 new titles crowdfunding on Gamefound

February 25, 2021 - 5:22pm

Gamefound has announced a number of new projects coming to the burgeoning crowdfunding network in the coming months.

First is Skyrim the Board Game coming from Modiphius Entertainment. Chapter V of the Elder Scrolls saga from Bethesda Softworks, Skyrim is one of the most popular fantasy sandbox video games of the past decade. Players roam the frozen lands of Skyrim, fighting monsters, improving skills, and unraveling the mystery behind the return of the dragons, and the link to the dragonborn. Not a lot of details are known about the board game, but given Modiphius’ experience in role playing games, this could prove to be an immersive powerhouse. Modiphius was the publisher behind The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms miniatures wargame (2019) and the board game Fallout: Wasteland Warfare (2018). The Gamefound Campaign for Skyrim is expected to start in June 2021.  

The Domain of Mirza Noctis is the 4th installment in the HEXplore It series, following The Valley of the Dead King, The Forests of Adrimon, and The Sands of Shurax. The HEXplore It series is a group of cooperative sandbox roleplaying board games from designers Kat KimoundriNathan Loos, and Jonathan Mariucci containing hundreds of unique cards, allowing players to customize their characters, and explore endless adventures. Look for the crowdfunding for Mirza Noctis to start on Gamefound this April.

Awaken Realms Lite, the new branch of powerhouse Awaken Realms, is debuting on Gamefound with Gaijin, an “approachable, adventure driven” postapocalyptic cyberpunk board game. 1-4 players will “struggle to survive and pursue their agendas in two worlds at the same time.” The game features an extensive city map, as well as a network map of the cyberverse, wherein players experience different scenarios, earn reputation, and develop characters through body modification. Gaijin is scheduled to launch on GameFound in May 2021. Check out the draft campaign page here.

The Monster Invasion is coming to Gamefound from Petersen Games, publishers behind the classic Cthulhu Wars. And this invasion is not a single game, but a group of 4 games, each from a different designer, but each containing … MONSTERS. The first of these games is Invasion of the Brood by Sandy Petersen, described as “Independence Day meets War of the Worlds”. Potions & Profits by Zoran Dobrijevic, takes place in a realm where “even magic dreams have a price”. Marry the Monster by Zoran Dobrijevic and Arthur Petersen, is a comical game in which the players trick the monster into smashing their rivals. Last but not least is Evacuate by Tony Mastrangeli and Jeff Petersen, where it doesn’t matter if you are faster than the monster, just if you are faster than the other players. Look for the Gamefound campaign for Petersen’s Monster Invasion to hit this June.

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