25th Century Games reprints classic Cathala game Oh My Brain

November 19, 2022 - 4:18pm

“It was a normal camping trip until hordes of zombie animals rushed out of the woods, looking for brains.”

25th Century Games is releasing the Bruno Cathala title Oh My Brain, co-designed with Théo Rivière, already available in French and Spanish. Oh My Brain is a shedding style card game, where players try to get rid of all their animal cards. Cards are numbered 0-19, and players need to play cards into the middle campfire pile, always playing higher numbers. Multiple cards of the same number can be played together, but end up in opponent’s cemetery piles. Certain cards hold special abilities - A zero resets the pile, and an 8 temporarily allows players to use lower value cards, while an 11 lets you take another turn. Players lose their brain tokens for being unable to play or for having remaining cards in hand. The game ends when someone runs out of brain tokens, and the player with the most wins.

Oh My Brain should be available now.

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