Zombie A-Social Club now on Kickstarter


“Gemma believes in Science. She’d love to come up with something one day, like LSD or DDT or PVC. So she spends her time experimenting, and for sure, if she keeps trying, she too will finally end up cracking a new molecule that can blow your mind out, kill or be used for building pipelines. In the meantime, green gas is oozing out of her test tubes. She probably won’t get high on it Saturday night though, the smell is so bad it could wake up the dead.”

This is the kind of carnage you will face in this small card game that is now on Kickstarter. A plague of zombies has fallen upon us! Each player is taken it as their responsibility to restart life by creating a base, where they will recruit like minded people to survive the Horde. After a draft phase, you’ll state playing cards in front of you. Character that belong to four factions: Punks, Hippies, Survivalists and Capitalists. These factions never see eye to eye. So you team of survivors will always be different, with their different still sets that will help you fight zombies or other players, get more cards or search for more survivors. And try not to have the cards at the end of a turn, as you will become the tastiest snack for the Zombies!

This is a quick playing, fun, tongue and cheek, tactical card game that has quite a few variants to make it easy or hardcore. You’ll be puzzling over your characters skills, which to use and which not to. Who will defend your base and who is expendable. As well as some take that elements that throw a spanner in the works, making it a struggle to survive while attempting to impose their ways of life for the new world to come…  Be the first to reach 7 points to win the game. But beware, the Horde can also win. So work together to keep their numbers down.

You can check out more of the Kickstarter here. Running until the 7th of November.

From mimicking our wonderful Tom V to creating sounds for board game worlds. Barry has dabbled in everything board game related...apart from design. Enjoying the fun, light hearted ambiance that gaming brings and seeing friendships generate. Now enjoying life as full time reviewer, board game musician (the 7th Continent Soundscape), Kickstarter previewer and campaign manager.