Z-Man Games announces new tower defense style game, Bastion

Tower defense games seem to be all the rage right now with several having popped up on Kickstarter, so Z-Man decided to bring in a game from Hobby World.  The game is called Bastion, and the forces of evil have never been this organized before, so it is up to your and your fellow heroes to protect the castle.  The enemy is relentless and so each turn more will be added and be pushed closer and closer to the castle.

You will have to manage your mana, spells, and artifacts as well as you can to be able to defeat the oncoming horde.  You will have to spend mana equal to the monster’s strength and match it’s color to be able to defeat it.  As you defeat monsters they will grant you extra abilities or powers to be able to better defend the castle.  Work together, properly utilize the structures in place, and coordinate effectively, and you may just save the day.

Look for Bastion on store shelves in the second quarter of this year, and you can read more about the game on Z-Man’s website.

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