Z-Man Announces Puzzle Game NMBR 9

Z-Man Games has announced a new puzzle game for 1-4 players, NMBR 9. In NMBR 9, a card is drawn dictating which number shaped tile, labeled 1 through 9, must be placed onto a growing structure.

Tiles can be placed on the same level as existing tiles, in which case they must share an edge, or the tiles can be placed on top of existing tiles, and must overlap at least 2 other tiles. Points are scored for the value of the tile and how high the tile is on the structure. Counting the base level as level 0, a tile’s score is the height of the piece multiplied by the tile number, so an eight placed on level 2 (3 tiles high) would score 16 points.¬†You can read more about NMBR 9 on Z-Man’s announcement here.

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