Your Move Games is under new management


The developers of the Battleground Fantasy Warfare series has come under new management recently much to the excitement of the publishing team. For those unfamiliar with Battleground, it is a long-praised war-gaming series without miniatures that has been around for 11 years, which is certainly a history to be appreciated. Their recent Kickstarter, Wuxing, continued Your Move Games’ commitment to expanding the series. Their change in management was announced via press release and conveys a respectable amount of confidence in maintaining good content and the loyalty of their fans:

 “The new management team is fully invested in Your Move Games and has been a vital part of the design team for new product at Your Move Games for many years. Currently we are in the midst of planning new releases for our games and are excited for the new products.  As part of the transition we intend to resolve any unfulfilled Kickstarter pledges to the best of our ability.”

In addition to Wuxing, there is also two new sets available for Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Alexander vs Persia and The Battle of Sector 219. There are also expected to be reprints for Men of Hawkshold and the development of two new armies: Greek City States and Lords of Vlachold. As we turn towards 2017, fans of Battleground will have a staple to rely on for sure. For more information, please visit Your Move Games BGG page where they share a bulk of their news and updates as they make the transition and continue to churn out more for the long-running war-game series.