X-Wing Miniatures Game: Swarm Tactics Preview

Swarms and the TIE swarm, specifically, are as old as X-Wing itself. They’re also well-known and understood. In short, you fly a large number of similar ships, concentrate your fire, and batter your opponents with a giant pile of attack dice.

The Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack, with its Gozanti-class Cruiser, is about to be released.  In a recent article, Fantasy Flight Games offers us a preview of the new TIE Fighter Pilots from the Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack and how they use swarm tactics to their advantage.

Like flies, gnats, rats, goblins, or group text messages, TIE fighters are not much of a threat when they are alone due to their insignificant size and fragility.  But get a large group of them swarming together, focusing their attack on one entity, they can be formidable indeed.

Now, The Force Awakens™ Core Set has introduced the TIE/fo fighter, and the Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack looks to give the swarm a large, new dose of energy with its two TIE fighter miniatures, which feature alternate paint schemes, as well as four new unique aces.

A staple part of Imperial strategy in the X-Wing Miniatures Game often includes the swarm tactic, with only a few aces and a large group of weaker, generic TIE fighters.  The new aces included in the Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack offer new possibilities in the form of synergistic abilities that didn’t exist before.  This article describes the four aces (“Scourge”, “Wampa”, “Youngster”, and “Chaser”) in more detail, as well as several sample swarm scenarios.

For more information on how swarm tactics work into this new expansion, read the full article here.