Wonder Forge & Disney bring us Villainous

Step into the mind of your favorite Disney Villain in Villainous (costumes optional – or not!) Play as Jafar, Ursula Maleficent and more as you plot against heroes and your opponents alike and play cards that change your story. Send minions to do your evil bidding and use Fate Cards to thwart the plans of the other villains in the game. Villainous┬ámade by Wonder Forge will be a family game night favorite for 2-6 players ages 10 and up.

Contents include 6 Boards, 6 Villain Movers, 180 Villain Cards, 90 Fate Cards, , 84 Tokens, 6 Reference Cards, 6 Villain Guides and Instructions

Villainous will be available very soon – July 29, 2018