Wargame America Falling On KS

Ty Bomba and One Small Step Games have begun a Kickstarter Campaign for their new war game, America Falling – An Apocalyptic Game About the End of America. In America Falling, 2 players compete in the first year of a near-future civil war, possibly leading to the demise and fall of the United States. The factions in America Falling are loosely described as the liberal Blue and the Conservative Red, but the game allows for local separatist movements exclusive of these, including The Republic of Texas, The Islamic State in America, New Jerusalem, and others. The game comes with two maps, numerous cardboard tokens and dice, is considered 6/10 complexity, and can take 4+ hours to complete.

Ty Bomba is considered an instrumental figure in the history of war games, having been inducted into the Wargaming Hall of Fame in 1988, and won several awards. As the founder of Command magazine, he was instrumental in nearly every game to come from that publication. The Kickstarter Campaign for America Falling continues through February 13, and is expected to deliver in August 2018.