Wallet Kickers of the Week

Welcome to the first edition of the Wallet Kickers series of articles where each week we will cover a couple different Kickstarters in one article.  There will still be other Kickstarters highlighted on their own, but here you will get some rapid fire coverage of other Kickstarters we like.  So without any more delay, lets so what we’ve got.

First is a campaign for a one versus many game called Alone.  This is an interesting game in two ways, first is that the many in this game are the “evil” players who move and activate the monsters.  The other is that there aren’t traditional turns in the game, it’s always the hero’s turn and the evil players will interrupt him with reactions to his different actions.  The game also creates tension for the hero because he can only see as far as his flashlight will shine, meaning only a few corridors will be visible at any given time.  But not to worry, you have your trusty radar to help you find your objective, and along the way you will find useful items to help you stay alive.  But the real question is, can you survive when you are all alone?  Head over to the campaign page to pledge for your copy.

Next is a new board game being made by Lucky Duck Games, in partnership with Mobigame, called Zombie Tsunami.  Now you aren’t being deceived, this is indeed a campaign to fund the board game version of the popular phone app.  In the game you are leading your own zombie horde, and as the street cards are revealed you will be performing actions dictated by the card.  It could be teaming up to move a vehicle, picking between eating a civilian or bombing your opponents, and even having to make your zombies jump.  Just like the game there will be crazy stuff happening, upgrades to purchase, secret ability cards, and different ways to increase your horde.  Have the biggest horde after third trip down the street to be the winner!  So if you would like a copy of this app turned board game, check out their campaign page.

Another game being Kickstarted is a card game boasting the ability to play the game 240 different ways, Card City XL.  In Card City XL you are using the ‘I split, you choose’ mechanic to dole out cards to each player in the game.  They in turn will add those cards to their city, and if you built right, also allow you to add more cards from the reserve to your city.  But what goal are you building towards?  That is what you have to determine at the beginning of the game, picking a difficulty level (easy, normal, advanced), your victory condition (economic, happiness, commercial, etc.), and then if you want to use a variant or not.  Each different combination will give you a different way to play the game, adding up to 240 different combinations you can play.  So if you want a tight city building card game with variety of gameplay, give this campaign a look.

Last, and by no means the least, is Galaxy of Trian: New Order, a giant re-implementation of the original game Galaxy of Trian.  This is a 4X style game where you will be using the double sided triangle tiles to expand and explore the universe.  Then as you find planets, nebula, and various other celestial bodies you will begin to exploit them for resources.  Resources which you can then turn around to build space stations and research stations, and even upgrade the abilities of your race.  Finally you can fight other players for control of these valuable resource supplies in order to make sure you come out on top.  Because whoever has the most credits and resources at the end will be the winner.  You can check out the campaign page for more info, and to see the piles of minis you will get if you back this game.