Wallet Kickers of the Week

Hopefully your wallets haven’t taken too much of a beating, because here are some more interesting Kickstarters to check out.

ELO Darkness is the first game I want to mention, and it’s another entry in the quickly growing MOBA style games category.  Right off the bat what makes this game different is that out of the box it is a 2-player game, with each player controlling their whole team.  A team will be made up of five heroes, each with their own specific tasks like support, being a front line fighter, or a roamer who attacks when it is least expected.  The game is definitely steeped in the MOBA game style as many similar terms and ideas are used in the game, making it an easy transition from video game to board game.  Also, to capture the frantic pace of a live game, the actions in the game are resolved simultaneously so you will have to plan well while still being flexible enough to respond to your opponent’s actions.  So if you are looking for a new type of MOBA game to play, check out it’s Kickstarter page.

Next is Clash of Rage, a new minis skirmish type game from La boite de jeu where the point is to annihilate your opponents.  There are four armies in the base box as well as four heroes, allowing you to mix and match the hero to the army.  Also each army plays very differently , giving an asymmetrical feel to the game and forcing you to think on your feet.  Some other interesting aspects include a combat system where what types of units you bring effects the outcome more than just the number of units you bring.  Also tactic cards will be what determine reinforcements and income, and that income you get will allow you to buy upgrades for your units.  Plan well and equip your units right, and you just might win the game.  If this game sounds interesting to you, head on over to the Kickstarter page.

Finally we have Sine Tempore, a cooperative sci-fi game from Ludu Magnus Studio.  In this game you are space explorers looking for an inhabitable planet, and after nearly giving up you finally found one.  The bad news is that the planet is being used by aliens as a holy site for their customs and don’t take kindly to you moving in, so now you have to fight for your new home.  Missions in the game are card created so you won’t be doing the same ones over and over, and even the enemy will have missions, allowing for a win were you are still alive.  The game also comes with a campaign that doesn’t have a static end, as you make choices and proceed through the campaign you can arrive at one of three different endings.  Add in to that an adaptive AI for the enemies and an innovative momentum action wheel for turns, and you have a unique game on your hands.  Check out this mini heavy co-op game on Kickstarter now.