Visit from the Rhine Valley: New visitor cards for Viticulture

If you are looking to become more immersed in the winemaking theme in Viticulture, look no further than Visit from the Rhine Valley. Stonemaier Games has announced a new alternate set of 80 visitor cards for Viticulture.  This new set of visitor cards focus more on the wine business itself and less on victory points.  These cards have their own unique backs, so they cannot be mixed with other visitor cards from Viticulture, Tuscany, or Moor Visitors.

Visit from the Rhine Valley contains 40 summer visitor cards and 40 winter visitor cards.  Four of the cards are specific to Tuscany.  Six of the cards are the same as existing cards (banker, contractor, craftsman, harvest expert, zymologist, and uncertified oenologist). The rest are new visitors, five of which have all new artwork.

Look for Visit from the Rhine Valley at your local retailer starting June 1, 2018, or pre-order now from Stonemaier Games.

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