Underleague now on Kickstarter

Welcome to the brutal world of underground fantasy monster fighting! In Underleague, 2 to 5 players play play breeders and handlers of dark dungeon denizens and pit their creatures against each other…and bet on the winners! Equip your team and play strategy cards to manipulate combat in your favor, or at least the favor of your bet. Now available on Kickstarter from Cogwright Games, the game features fantastic card art and enough strategy and variability to keep the game fresh and exciting. As described via press release:

“Underleague is a combat-based card game – but unlike many games in this genre, it doesn’t require a ‘lifestyle’ commitment to enjoy. The rules can be learnt and taught quickly even by those with no experience playing card games, and the pre-built decks in the box provide a huge amount of replayability.”

Fantasy creatures and underground fight clubs are not exactly new themes on their own, but Underleague earns it’s merits for combining the two in such a way that feels more fresh than a dungeon crawl or another wizard-vs-wizard game. The game certainly flirts within familiar Magic: The Gathering territory a lot, but the flavor, gambling, and bluffing set it worlds apart. If you are interested, be sure to check out the Kickstarter page for more details, images, videos, and the chance to support this campaign.

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