UK Games Expo Marks Another Successful Year

The UK Games Expo (UKGE) wrapped up just this past Tuesday (June 2nd) and they have proclaimed another successful year of gaming and growth.  I think they said it best when describing the feeling at the end,

After all the planning, thousands of emails, 1000 tables to set up along with and I think a mile and half of cloth UKGE 2015 has come and gone in 3 days of crazy, helter skelter fun and I am not sure my pulse has yet slowed back down.

Now that 2015 is done they have an eye on 2016 with the release of their next year’s dates which will be June 3rd through 5th, so mark your calendars.  But as they move into 2016 they have fond memories of 2015, the best of which was Operation Lovebird which culminated in the first every UKGE marriage proposal of Dominick to Holly, which she said yes to (we here at Dice Tower News wish them the best in their marriage).  Maybe next year they can top that with their first UKGE wedding.

Attendance for this year increased nearly 20% with a final count of over 14,000 in attendance.  They expect the increase in attendance to continue so they are planning on 2016 to be even bigger and better;

To meet the needs of our many exhibitors, UKGE will now have at least 7000 sqm of trade space to use and will be the location of some of the National and International events, tournaments and championships. Some of the key attractions that will move to the NEC will include the Family Zone, costumed group areas, seminars and one part of our board game library.

Meanwhile, 3500 sqm of space at the Hilton Hotel will remain the focus of the Roleplaying Game sessions and many of our other tournaments, but will also have a massively increased open gaming space in the evening; with the entire Palace and Kings one huge open gaming space, allowing 2000+ gaming enthusiasts to sit and game at night time. UKGE also have plans for more LARP and living events.

Finally they have also put out their list for the UKGE Best Games Awards, and they are as follows:

Black Fleet – Space Cowboys, Asmodee
General Game
Cycling Party – Snake Eye Games
Board Games with Miniatures
Star Wars Imperial Assault – Fantasy Flight Games
Role Playing Games
Mutant Year Zero – Modiphius Games
Family Games
Waggle Dance – Grublin Games
Star Wars Armada – Fantasy Flight Games
Strategic Card and Dice Games
Elysium – Space Cowboys, Asmodee
General Card games
Sushi Go! – Gamewright
Children’s Game
Chickyboom – Blue Orange
Party Game
Cash’n Guns – Repos Production
Abstract Games
HexAgony – JJR Distributions Ltd
Firefly, Blue Sun Rim Expansion Set – Gale Force Nine
Syrinscape – Syrinscape Pty Ltd
Honourable Mention:
You are the Hero by Jonathan Green

Keep an eye on the UKGE website to get more info and to register for next year.