Toy Vault to release dice game based on Outlander series


Outlander is a series that has been running on Starz for the past couple years and has been very popular, so why not make a game about it?  So that is what Toy Vault is doing, and they have come up with the Outlander Destiny Dice Game.  Just to get it out of the way, this game has no relation to the Star Wars: Destiny game being put out by FFG, the destiny in the title is related to the plot of the series.  In the game you are trying to bring two of the characters together, Jamie and Claire, through dice rolling and card play.  You will roll the dice Yahtzee style and you want to have more Jamie and Claire sides showing along with good support sides like Jenny or Dougal, and minimizing the bad sides like Black Jack Randall and Laoghaire Mackenzie.  After the rolling and subsequent card playing you determine who has the best “hand”, and that player gets to advance their Jamie and Claire pawns on the board.  First person to bring the two lovers together is the winner.

All together it seems to be an okay game meant for the fans of the series, so if you enjoy the series you can pre-order from the Outlander site and look for it to arrive in February of 2017.