TIE Advanced X1 for X-Wing Second Edition

The TIE Advanced X1 may look similar to the TIE/IN Fighter, but it has many advantages over it.  Deflector Shields give the ship more defense and the Advanced Targeting Computer gives it offensive advantages. With pilots like Maarek Stele, Zertik Strom, Ved Foslo and the Empire’s own Darth Vader you have a crippling attack force and many options and abilities open to you. Extra attack dice and more maneuverability can change the course of a battle. Boost your advantage even higher with upgrades like Fire-Control Systems for your Cluster Missiles. TIE Advanced X1 Fighters are a necessary addition to your fleet, and hey- Darth Vader needs something to fly!

Grab the TIE Advanced X1 Expansion Pack for X-Wing Second Edition by Fantasy Flight Games. Both the game and the editions are available for purchase with the release on September 13, 2018