The Seven Stages of a Kickstarter


Those of you who are thinking of running a Kickstarter campaign might want to prepare yourselves for the ’emotional roller coaster’ that happens during the campaign. Teale Fristoe, the designer behind Nothing Sacred Games, has written up a description of the emotional stages he’s gone through in his Kickstarter campaigns. With 3 successful Kickstarters, Teale has some good takeaways in his article.

According to Teale, the seven stages are:

  1. Initial Thrill – all your friends and family are backing!
  2. Shock – ran out of friends and family, so the rate goes way down
  3. Acceptance – fine, the rate’s constant
  4. Disappointment – why aren’t my ads getting  more backers?
  5. Betrayal – what? people are canceling??
  6. Funding Push – yay we’re close to goal!
  7. Rush to the Finish Line – only 48 hours left!

Basically, there are a bunch of backers at the beginning and at the end, but the middle of a campaign is always slow rise (with some cancels), making it very stressful and sad for the creator. Teale suggests shortening the campaigns to cut out the middle part. He also stresses the importance of stretch goals – having stretch goals makes it so that you’re always close to a goal, so you’ll be getting that Funding Push over and over.

If you’re thinking about starting your own Kickstarter, be prepared for this roller coaster of emotions! Read more about the stages in the full article here.