The Lost Expedition coming soon from Osprey Games


Peer Sylvester has designed several games from Let Them Eat Cake to Wir sind das Volk, and his latest puts you on the trail of Percy Fawcett as you look for El Dorado.  In The Lost Expedition, Percy has set off to look for the legendary city of gold, but after a long time passed and no word was heard from him, he was considered lost.  So in an effort to find him and the lost city, your team of explorers have trekked out to the jungles of the Amazon in search of him.  Manage your ammo, food, and health wisely as you survive ever more dangerous pitfalls while going deeper into the forest in search of the lost explorers.  Hopefully you find them before the jungle gets the better of you, and maybe you even find the city of El Dorado, either way be careful.

This is a solo game that can be played cooperatively and even competitively in teams, and with art by Garen Ewing it should look good too.  However, the wait for it’s release is a long one as it’s projected release date isn’t until May of 2017.

I'm an engineer manager by day, board game entusiast by night. I will play most anything once but I love adventure style games and cooperative games, or just playing games with my wife. Games like the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, TIME Stories, and 7th Continent really hit on all those marks for me and I love discovering new gems. I can be contacted on under the user ID "burke4865"