Terrinoth in peril! Two new expansions come to Runebound

New dangers are coming to Terrinoth with two new expansions coming for Runebound (Third Edition) in the third quarter of 2016. Fall of the Dark Star and The Mountains Rise continue on the theme┬áset by the last two expansions of being a wave in two parts – one a Scenario Pack and the other an Adventure Pack, both offering new powers and new dangers to your journeys.

Fall of the Dark Star is a new Scenario Pack that introduces an entirely new scenario along with thirty new adventure cards and a new ten-card story deck that correspond to the new scenario. The Mountains Rise, on the other hand, is an Adventure Pack that can be added to any scenario with new adventure cards, assets, and skills. Each expansion also includes new combat tokens and a new hero, giving you new ways to experience Terrinoth every time you play!

The Fantasy Flight expansion-churning machine is well oiled and running smoothly, offering even more cards, characters, bells and whistles, and the themes they play upon are sure to please fans. The Dark Star runs on a theme of prophetic doom and corruption, and mechanically introduces risk vs reward in the form of corruption cards. The Mountains Rise cater to those that love untamed wilderness and barbarians, featuring skills, events, and quests relating to survival in harsh lands and against strange beasts and savage invaders. For those wanting to raise the stakes of their Runebound adventures, be sure to check these expansions out this fall!