Zany Penguins

Asmodee Editions has announced two new family games that are coming soon.

The first is Doctor Panic, a game for 2-9 players aged 8 and higher with a 12 minutes play time. In this game you are a surgical team working to save a patient before time runs out by completing various tasks. Tasks are assigned by an overseer and include finding combinations of drugs from a batch of cards, figuring out how much to administer and ‘stitching’ a board, etc. To win you need to complete the assigned tasks before the final heart attack on the soundtrack.

Secondly, there is Zany Penguins, for 2-5 players aged 7 and above and plays in 20 minutes. This is a card game where you are sending your strongest penguins out to conquer various locations (including jungle, desert and even the Moon!) and sending your worst recruits to interfere with the other players.



Asmodee has released some information about two upcoming Bombyx releases for 2016.  First is Histrio, a family weight game where you are an acting troupe trying to win the favor of the King.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds, the King’s mood is fickle and will figure heavily into how he likes your play, plus the other players will be playing dirty tricks or shenanigans on you to mess you up.  Whoever can recruit the best actors and put on the best plays to get the most money will be the winner in the end.  Expected release is 2nd quarter of 2016.

zany penguins

Second is Zany Penguins, another family weight game where you are a band of penguins trying to take over the world as the ice caps melt.  The game is essentially a light area control game where you are playing your better penguins to the areas you want to score and your weaker penguins to your opponent’s areas to mess with their plans.  The art is very nice and the game is expected to be released the first quarter of 2016.