Daily Magic is bringing the area control card game Songbirds (2016), from designer ゆお (Yuo) and artists ことり寧子 (Kotori Neiko) and Claire Donaldson, to North America in the coming year. In Songbirds, originally called Birdie Fight, has up to 4 players take turns placing cards into a 5×5 grid. The cards are comprised of numbers 1-7 in four different bird suits. Players put their cards in the grid one at a time, starting in the middle, and always playing a card next to an existing card. When the grid is full, all players should have one card left in their hand. Each column and row in the grid has a token defining its point value, and that value gets assigned to the bird suit which has the highest number total in that row or column. Now players receive points for their last card – both the number value and the total score for the suit. Highest score wins the game! For more details and images, check out Daily Magic’s website here.


Osprey Publishing is bringing the 2015 game Tarot Storia by Yuo (Yu Ogasawara) to the North American market as Shahrazad. In Shahrazad, 1 player or 2 players cooperatively take turns laying tiles building a folk-tale tableau. Tiles are played in an overlapping bricks pattern, and at the end of the game a single path is traced through touching tiles from left to right, telling a story. Tiles to the right must be of higher number or they are flipped over. Stories are scored for groups of colors, and are penalized for turned cards or gaps in the tableau. The game comes with 22 beautifully illustrated oversized tiles, and a scoring sheet.

Shahrazad is expected to be in stores May 20, 2017.